Our Values

We know

In Charleston, we have some very beautiful historic buildings, but they are often difficult spaces for practical use. Modern building technologies have made amazing advances at allowing us to retrofit these older spaces.

Our years in Charleston have also helped us to vet the local subcontractors and know who’s work will be of the best quality.

Our reputation
is important to us.

We are reliable, timely, and committed to doing every project to the highest standard. We believe in doing a job that gets the details right–because every job builds our reputation! And we want to be there for your next expansion. We take pride in our work and communicate promptly because every client deserves top service. We know that your project needs to be on time and on target!

settle for less.

Is your commercial space doing all it can for you? Have you been considering remodeling it to get more from your square footage? Commercial upfitting could be your solution! Commercial upfits take an existing space and build out offices, add function, or remodel spaces to match your vision.

We care
about safety.

Build with fire safety in mind! An experienced renovation or upfit team knows that your space is an important asset. That means we build with safety in mind.

We are
forward thinking.

This will help your company to secure the best price on commercial insurance and have confidence in your space.

We can
weather any storm.

We can offer modern advice on retrofitting facilities to be resilient in the face of our coastal climate. We’re ready to help you face future storms!

Trusted Subcontractors