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What we do.

Carolina Construction of Charleston specializes in large scale commercial upfit and renovation.  The team has local experience with sourcing materials, partnering with contractors, and pulling permits.  Our team is skilled in plumbing, electrical, HVAC, dry wall, metal framing, metal work, and concrete.


You might have an older historical building that could become office or retail space through compartmentation.  This might mean you need to increase HVAC, plumbing, or electrical capabilities.


Perhaps you have an old retail space that you would like to investigate turning into apartments.  These property transitions may mean moving walls, creating lounge areas, adding plumbing, or altering HVAC specifications.


The space might need security doors and gates put in place.  Or you might need soundproofing and insulation improvements made. Give us a call and LT will walk your space and help you make the most out of your property!


Why Choose Us

We know

In Charleston, we have some very beautiful historic buildings, but they are often difficult spaces for practical use.  Modern building technologies have made amazing advances at allowing us to retrofit these older spaces.

Our years in Charleston have also helped us to vet the local subcontractors and know who’s work will be of the best quality.

Our reputation
is important to us.

We are reliable, timely, and committed to doing every project to the highest standard.  We believe in doing a job that gets the details right–because every job builds our reputation!  And we want to be there for your next expansion.  We take pride in our work and communicate promptly because every client deserves top service.  We know that your project needs to be on time and on target!

settle for less.

Is your commercial space doing all it can for you?  Have you been considering remodeling it to get more from your square footage?  Commercial upfitting could be your solution!  Commercial upfits take an existing space and build out offices, add function, or remodel spaces to match your vision.

We care
about safety.

Build with fire safety in mind!  An experienced renovation or upfit team knows that your space is an important asset. That means we build with safety in mind.

We are
forward thinking.

This will help your company to secure the best price on commercial insurance and have confidence in your space.  

We can
weather any storm.

We can offer modern advice on retrofitting facilities to be resilient in the face of our coastal climate.  We’re ready to help you face future storms!

Completed Projects

Trusted by Top Companies

Around the Lowcountry

The Wonderer Gym

Charleston, SC

Eastport Complex

Summerville, SC

7142 Cross County Rd.

North Charleston, SC

Local Joe's Natural Foods

Mt Pleasant, SC


North Charleston, SC

40 & 42 South Street

Charleston, SC

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Frequently Asked Question

How much is this going to cost?

Factors involved include materials, the current state of the space, and fire code concerns. The initial meeting and quote are free. 

What size are your projects?

Carolina construction handles projects of all shapes and sizes. We recently completed a facility of 150,000 Sq ft. There’s no job to small or to big.

Can you make updates to a sports complex?

Yes.  Such a job would likely involve concrete and metal framing work.  Those are some of our specialties.  We are happy to visit and help.

Can you work in a partially occupied space?

We can work in a partially occupied space! Modern climate and dust control plus health and safety improvements mean that we can work closer to your workforce than ever before! If you need to keep the space active, invite us down for an assessment and we will let you know if your space is a candidate. You can renovate without a lengthy shutdown and loss of business!

Pricing Models for every business

Let’s talk numbers

Carolina Construction of Charleston is committed to creating a transparent budget and sticking to it.  If unforeseen issues threaten the projected budget, we will communicate that straight away.  We have a policy of clarity and no surprises.  We take your money seriously, and we take pride in completing jobs on time and on target.