What We Do

Areas of Experience

We work with architects and engineers to design, build and renovate highly specialized facilities such as warehouses, trucking and docking centers, factories and manufacturing facilities.

We work with industry professionals to build a variety of spaces consisting of offices, gyms, outdoor facilities and small and large tenant upfits, hotels, educational and religious facilities.

We specialize in historic renovations, select custom home renovations and new builds. Our experience provides a seamless home remodeling customer experience.

We work with architects and engineers to design, build and renovate cutting-edge healthcare facilities that blend advanced medical technologies and functional layouts.

We work with industry professionals to design and build sports facilities. Our experience and expertise provide us with the ability to build a wide variety of different types of sports facilities.

The design-build approach in construction offers numerous benefits that streamline and enhance the building process. It encourages architects and builders to work closely together from the start, making everything smoother.

Carolina Construction of Charleston is dedicated to providing unmatched general contracting services in the greater Charleston area. Specializing in large scale commercial upfit, renovation and new construction, we strive to deliver safe, sustainable and high-quality projects with transparency, integrity and collaboration.


You might have an older historical building that could become office or retail space through compartmentation. This might mean you need to increase HVAC, plumbing, or electrical capabilities.


Perhaps you have an old retail space that you would like to investigate turning into apartments. These property transitions may mean moving walls, creating lounge areas, adding plumbing, or altering HVAC specifications.


The space might need security doors and gates put in place. Or you might need soundproofing and insulation improvements made. Give us a call and we will walk your space to help you make the most out of your property!